Dr Jasmine Piran - Dental Phobia Certified

Dental Anxiety 

Many people feel anxious or nervous about attending the dentist. This can be for a variety of different reasons, ranging from previous bad dental experiences, specific concerns over feeling pain, fear of the unknown, and a sense of not being in control. 

Dr Jasmine Piran - Dental Phobia Certified

Personalised Service

Dr Jasmine Piran understands that each individual person may have their own unique reasons for feeling anxious about dental visits. She uses her extensive training in Psychology and Hypnotherapy to help her patients to overcome their fears. She will work with you for as long as it takes to help you feel comfortable and fully in control during your dental appointments with her.  

Dr Jasmine Piran - Dental Phobia Certified

Calming aromas

and soothing music will help you feel more calm and relaxed, and if you are having dental treatment carried out you can choose from a selection of DVDs to watch on video glasses during your appointment.  

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Testimonials from nervous dental patients

‘In September 2015 I very nervously crossed the threshold of [the dental clinic] as an emergency patient and found myself anxiously chatting to Dr Piran in a chair I hadn’t sat in for some time, 23 years to be exact.

Having previously had a negative experience with my family dentist, I had written off 2 decades of dental care, wrapped up in fear of any clinical work having to be carried out and more latterly, additionally embarrassed by the condition of my teeth and gums.

From day 1 session 1, Jasmine listened to my, as it turns out, (not) irrational fears and relieved my anxieties around my perceived lack of control. She took the time to understand the scope of my fear and from almost day 1 her calm, supportive, explanatory approach to how procedures would be carried out made me feel more at ease than I could ever have imagined.

Its such a tiny word, but she cared. She cared to put right the wrongs of my previous encounters and the whole experience felt a world away from the scenario I had spent years obsessing over. I shall forever be grateful that it was her chair I ended up in as she made my initial visit so easy and relaxed. Now, 18 months on I happily walk into the dentist and wonder what took me so long!’

‘I have been going to see Dr Jasmine Piran for dental treatments since 2008. I have always been extremely nervous about going to the dentist, the thought of the injection then the drilling it used to make me shake with nerves. I was told that Dr Piran was the person I had to see. She has a very reassuring and calming manner.

On my first visit I explained to her my fears of dentists and she was extremely understating and patient with me. She explained step by step what she was doing she even numbed my gums prior to the injection! She used some hypnosis techniques on me which I found really helpful. I would highly recommend Dr Piran to anyone that needs an understanding, professional and efficient dentist.’

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